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Modern care for your cat's health and well-being

We're cat lovers.  We wanted a solution to help pet families care for their cats in a meaningful, informative way.   So we created Tailio.    Designed with vets and other experts, Tailio is the first smart monitoring system that will help you know when your cat needs care, by measuring their weight, waste, and elimination behaviors.


Place Device Under Litter Box

Tailio is easy for you and your cat.  Simply place the device under the litter box, and download the mobile app. Tailio works seamlessly in the background to learn about and monitor your cat, while you and your cat go about business as usual.  It'll even monitor multiple cats in your home.

  • What Tailio monitors  Tailio device collects data on your cat's weight, amount of waste, frequency of visits and behavior in the litter box 
  • Analytics  Data is sent to the cloud where powerful analytics learn your cat's individual profile and watch for trends in their weight and litter box behavior 
  • Mobile app alerts  Tailio lets you know when something needs your care


In the Talio Mobile App

  • Health alerts for each cat:
    • Weight loss/gain
    • Increase/decrease in frequency of litter box visits
    • Increase/decrease in waste
    • Changes in litter box behavior
  • Charts and stats of weight, visits, waste for each cat
  • Vet report with each cat’s data history
  • Litter box activities for each cat
  • Litter box cleaning activities
  • Reminders to clean litter box
  • Reminders to recharge Tailio batteries



Do you have more than one cat?


If you have more than one cat, Tailio intelligently knows who's who in the litter box by understanding subtle differences in their individual physiology and behavior. No need to put anything on the cat.